Virginia Code: 18.2-266

DUI is a very serious offence and a first offence can result in up to one year in jail. Knowing your options and where you stand allows you to begin making the best of your situation and to put your DUI arrest behind you. Below are listed the mandatory minimum penalties for a first DUI conviction.

Jail – 5 Days Minimum (If Passenger under 18 in Vehicle)
Jail – 5 Days (If Blood Alcohol Level .15-.20)
Jail – 10 Days (If Blood Alcohol Level above .20)
Fine – $250 Minimum
Fine – Add $500-$1,000 (If Passenger under 18 in Vehicle)
License Suspension – 1 Year (Restricted driving permit issued in some cases)
Ignition Interlock Device Required (If BAL .15 or Above)
Complete Alcohol Safety Action Program

Remember that judges are not bound to the minimums and can assign harsher penalties if they believe the case warrants them. Mr. Dorsk will help you understand the particular details of your case and will work with you to attain the best possible result. He will assess the evidence and seek potential flaws in the prosecution’s case that could avoid a conviction.

Know your legal options and make the best of an unpleasant situation. Contact Attorney Chad G. Dorsk today for a free consultation