About The Dorsk Law Office

Chad Dorsk, Federal & State Criminal Defense Lawyer

Chad Dorsk, Federal & State Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Dorsk Law Office, Plc. provides unparalleled legal representation for clients facing felony, misdemeanor criminal charges and traffic offenses in Norfolk, Newport News and its surrounding areas.  We have extensive experience in both Virginia State and Federal Court cases. This criminal law firm has a reputation for providing quality representation and legal advice to all of our clients.

During your worst moments we are at our best. We will defend you aggressively against the most heinous of charges such as:

  • Abduction and kidnapping, including parental kidnapping
  • Alcohol charges: underage possession of alcohol, drunk in public
  • Larceny, theft, shoplifting, concealment
  • Fraud, credit card theft, identity theft
  • White collar crimes: embezzlement, check fraud, obtaining money by false pretense
  • Aggravated assault, malicious wounding, simple assault and battery, felony assault on law enforcement,domestic assault
  • Burglary, breaking and entering, trespassing
  • Drug trafficking, possession of marijuana, possession of controlled substance
  • Robbery and gun possession charges
  • Rape, indecent liberties, and other sexual offenses
  • Murder and manslaughter

The Dorsk Law Office additionally provides criminal defense for charges such as

  • Traffic Violations and DUI/DWIs
  • Underage Consumption and In Possession charges
  • Assault and Battery

With offices in both Norfolk, and Newport News,VA, The Dorsk Law Office is conveniently located near ODU and Federal and State Courthouses

The Dorsk Law Office has locations in Downtown Norfolk and Downtown Newport News.  Call today for a free consultation.